A little bit about Slice of Paleo and striving for a healthy diet

My name is Rachelle and I am one of many living with an autoimmune disease. Alongside conventional medicine, food has played an integral part in stabilizing my health. Through this site, I hope to provide you with ideas on how to enjoy food while eating healthy. Join me on this journey of using food for healing.


More information & disclaimers

My diet is mostly paleo based, however I have expanded my options and will eat certain foods that are not considered paleo. The recipes will note the foods that do not fit in the paleo category.

I am not a nutritionist, and I don’t make claims about what foods will work for you and what won’t. Everyone needs to determine what diet works best for them. The goal of posting these recipes is to provide you with tasty healthy options.

When someone refers to a paleo diet, please note it's in the modern sense of the term. People in Paleolithic times were not making almond flour bread and chia seed coconut milk pudding. So unless you have the capacity to hunt and forage, maintaining an authentic paleo diet would be challenging. The primary goal in our modern world is to eat food that is in its most natural state.

Admittedly, some paleo edibles can taste a bit different, where one might simply know it's paleo because of the flavor or texture. Because really, should we be making breads and desserts out of ground almonds? But yet, we do. So it is my goal to make recipes taste as close as possible to the original item. It's my hope that the first thought is not 'this tastes paleo' but 'this tastes wonderful'.

You may have heard the phrase ‘sugar is sugar’, meaning that overdosing on natural sugars like honey and maple syrup can still be problematic. I do notice when I am having too much sugar no matter what form it comes in. That being said, some recipes posted here will utilize natural unrefined sugars as it offers a way to still enjoy the occasional treat.

Meat. There is a lot of debate around meat, and it is not my goal to get into that debate. I personally have felt better eating meat, which has involved a lot of mental gymnastics considering I used to be a vegetarian. I am quite strict with the type of meat we purchase and am grateful to have a local sustainable farm that delivers. We have visited the farm and have learned how they care for the animals and the earth.

These recipes have been tested and developed over time. When I started cooking on a paleo diet, I found myself experimenting and creating my own recipes. I made numerous substitutions and used ingredients I knew my body could handle. After a while, I decided it would be fun to share what I’ve learned and created. If any recipe has been inspired by someone else, I will direct you to them with a link.

Oh, and you may be subjected to photos of our backyard chickens and their beautifully colored eggs. So I do hope you enjoy chickens.

Thank you for stopping by!


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